20 May 2012

anniversary no. 4

So this past Wednesday hub and I went out to dinner at a place in DC for our anniversary. The dinner was ok; hub is always very critical of fine dining food (never mind regular restaurant food), and this meal did not wow him. In fact we we left wanting a little. There were 24 courses with a wine/cocktail pairing. So every 3 courses we would get a new glass of wine, or a new cocktail. Mind you, we had already ordered cocktails while we were waiting to be seated so....yah. We were getting fuzzy by the 10th course. They kept bringing glasses out, and at some point I just stopped trying to keep up. It felt like they were intentionally trying to get us drunk! It did make the food taste better (not that it didn't already), but for the second half of the dinner, I hated being "half in the world". TK at one point, to my total embarrassment, started to drift off to sleep at the table. I kept hissing, "Wake up! Do NOT fall asleep!"

We had a sleepy Metro train ride back to our station in Rockville, and by that time, thankfully, I had sobered up, and we drove back home to Frederick. As I said, not an awesome rock-our-world dinner. We've had better. But it was a place neither of us had been to, so what the heck!

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