03 June 2012

container garden

So since the warmer weather has officially started, I decided a few weeks ago, to put our plants outside. Also, when we were cooking dinner at my friend's house, he gave me some bell pepper seeds from the ones we cooked, to take home. I planted them and was thrilled when they finally sprouted! I went and transplanted all of my plants in the end, into bigger containers; both pregnant onions, my cactus, and my money tree. Takeshi also ended up buying a small (here's a real herb plant for you to have!) mint plant at the grocery store, so I decided to transplant it as well. It had a bit of a rough time, since I ended up reverting back to my old ways of KILLING all plants in reach because I "over-mother" them = over-watering. I drowned them with love, essentially. >__>;;

I'm much better about it now though. I've found the best thing to do with plants, in the whole, is to leave them alone. Just let them grow forget them for a couple days, and try not to over-manage them.

I guess hub has gotten back into the container garden hobby as well, since we went out to Lowe's the other day and bought more plants! Lemon balm, sweet basil, thyme, and cherry tomato. So all of the plants are outside now on the balcony (which gets good sun during the day), except for the 2 onions and money tree that are still on the windowsill in the spare bedroom.

I am keeping an eye on my 3 bell pepper seedlings though (2 as a pair, and then 1 by itself). They used to be inside on the sill as well. The day before yesterday they looked a little wilted, and I started to get worried, reading about damping off disease and all. So I've moved them outside as well, for better air circulation. Fingers crossed!

Pregnant onion splitting down the middle! Growing bigger!

Bell peppers sprouted! About 2 weeks ago.

Progress! Still growing and separated into 2 pots.

The most recent photo before they started to go wilty' on me

Decrepit mint and the cactus

My first transplanting expedition, getting down an' dirty

Pregnant onion out of it's former container - had totally outgrown it!

Our newest plants - Top: lemon balm & thyme; Bottom: tomato & basil

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