28 June 2012

job scene

So since losing the job in Chantilly in April, after a month of working there, the job scene was pretty stagnate yet again. It's amazing how tough the competition can be these days, for even mundane part-time jobs. Finally in the beginning of this month, I was hired for another retail job - for a new store that was opening. I was happy to get it, and I had a good number of hours when coming in to help with stocking the store, getting ready for it to open. Also, not-so-bad hours for the grand opening this past weekend. But as soon as this week started, the hours dropped down to almost nothing. This week I only work on Saturday for 5 hours.

Needless to say I need another job. Great.

Another update, though, just happened today. A few days ago I had answered a listing posted for a paid Graphic Design intern for a tea retailer/boutique-ish business - only hitch was that it is located 1.5 hours away from us. That's actually a big hitch for us, at this point in time. That means lots money for gas, lots of mileage on the car, and obviously a huge journey every day and back to work there.

But because I was extremely excited to see a listing that I was actually interested in, tea, I had already set up an interview with them. Hub came home and pretty much knocked some reality back into me, and we agreed that it wasn't the best choice to take this position right now. We would just be making our financial situation worse. I send a last minute email to them saying as such and apologize. They send a response saying, "You wouldn't necessarily have to come to Annapolis for the internship. If you're still interested let us know."

Long story short, I had a phone chat with the co-owner of the place today, and it looks like we could set up something, where I could work from home most the time, and then have 1 day a week where I'd go to Annapolis to touch base with them in person, prioritize projects, etc. And I'd actually get a bi-weekly stipend! I hope this works out. It means more experience, portfolio/resume material, actually getting paid for it, designing for TEA (oh yeah), and they said there was a possibility of it turning into a full-time position. The internship is roughly 10 months. So we'll see how this pans out!


Gaijin Wife said...

Wow, thats PERFECT!!! Although working from home can be hard because there are so many distractions, it sounds like they are super flexible. And that its actually a job you are both qualified for and passionate about - those don't come along often so fingers crossed it all works out for you. And actually driving and getting out for one day a week to touch base with them sounds great. Good Luck !!

ローラ said...

Thanks! I hope they end up picking me. It always seems that when I start feeling optimistic about a possible gig, it ends up blowing up in my face at the last minute. "OH so sorry, we changed our minds" sort of bullshit.

Fingers crossed. I'll be nervous until this is all settled and I get an answer. One way or another.