29 June 2012

garden update

Our little container garden has really grown since we created it only about a month ago. Some new happenings with existing plants, and the adding of new plants as well. :)

New seeds sown: lettuce, mesclun & some 2ish year old nasturtium seeds hub had in the closet

Mesclun seeds sprouted! Didn't take long at all. Lettuce and mesclun have a very short time until they grow to full maturity about 30-48 days

Mesclun shooting up, getting bigger

Mesclun close-up

Our bell pepper sprouts! Definitely got bigger. The one on the right didn't make it though. Some kind of disease took it; red "rusty" patches appeared on the leaves and it wilted

But one is still alive! And is in a new, larger pot

Cherry tomato plant started flowering like crazy

Just yesterday I noticed the first fruits coming in!

More flower-to-fruiting going on

New dill plant

New apple mint plant

So the first lemon balm plant we had pretty much died. Why? Because I went fertilizer crazy = too much fertilizer too often. I've since educated myself about when to do it and how much to dilute. BUT, the plant was too far gone, so we said screw it - just buy a new lemon balm plant. Tadaa.

Garden 6/20

Garden 6/28

Today I also purchased some basic sprout growing merchandise from a website my dad made me privy to. I've always LOVED sprouts since I was a kid. I used to eat sprout sandwiches in elementary school, and I remember a boy asking me "Is that grass??" I couldn't persuade him to try it! Sprouts are a little overpriced in the grocery stores if you ask me - so what a good thing to just grow at home? I'm excited to start sprouted. I bought a pound of clover sprout seeds with it. Check out their website!

From the website: The "Easy Sprout Sprouter"

All of its parts


-chai- said...

Loving your garden! All i've gotten around to planting this year is a tomato plant, spinach, and basil. Hoping they'll survive!

Will send some good luck vibes your way for that internship. Sounds like an awesome opportunity!

ローラ said...

Thanks -chai- :) We're becoming more enamored by it too! Basil's always a good herb to have! And it'll keep coming back after winter, I believe.

I've been reading on how difficult it can be to get tomato plants to actually fruit! I'm glad ours finally did! xD

I'll take those good-luck vibes! :) <3 Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Hey there
Love your garden.
LOVE dill.
For sprouts, I buy my seeds from www.vitacost.com
They seem to be pretty cheap there and have all varieties. It's also a good online place to get paraben-free sunscreens etc, plus spices, 1lb bags for 5 bucks, that kind of deal. I used to get it sent to Japan when I was there. Postage dead cheap - 4.99 flat rate within USA.