27 September 2009



I'm still studying Japanese and memorizing kanji as much as I can, even though schoolwork takes up most of my time during the day! I just wrote that part above on my own, so hopefully it's grammatically correct! I'll probably have Takeshi check it for me when he gets home.

The plants my friend gave me about a month and a half ago haven't died yet, so I think I'm doing much better with my plant-care this time around! My goal is for these plants to have a long, long life. ;)

For this month of September (following the finance plan we set up), we've been able to save about $600! We're very happy, because every little bit counts. Part of the plan calls for not eating out at all, but I do stare longingly at the 'Sakura' Asian restaurant, and the Chinese restaurant in town, every time I walk by them! I wish the most for some sushi once and a while. But that kind of meal doesn't come cheap, most times. I know that when birthdays and holidays come around, we'll probably make an exception!

Here are some recent random photos!

Takeshi drying out some of his sage

Schoolwork and a snack

Photography class - blurry because I was still tampering with it!

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