06 October 2009

One Room Disco

The title's a song by the group パフューム (Perfume), which I am listening to right now! Perfume has to be one of my ultimate favorite groups right now - I listen to their songs every day.

The 3 of them in all their Japanese-girl-cuteness

Schoolwork is going well enough, and at a decently-paced speed. This is mostly because at the start of the semester, I made a personal goal to kick my usual twinge of procrastination in the butt, and work on projects for a certain class days ahead of when it's due. I've been utilizing "schoolwork triage", if you will. Anyway, it's working really well for me!

So far, I feel good about most of my classes - this is in reference to how successful I feel the process and execution of a certain project went, and the feedback I've gotten from the professors. So far, all of my different projects have turned out for the better; sometimes I was pleasantly surprised about how much the professor ended up liking my final product, even though I had thought they would have graded it lower. So that always gives me a little boost. :)

I need to create some really nice pieces, within the confines of the different projects I'm given in my classes, because I need new, strong pieces to put in my official portfolio. I will be taking this pieces to future interviews, so it needs to be good!

It's crazy - I think I've been in classes for at least 3-4 weeks now, already? Before I know it, it will be springtime which means graduation! My last year of college...wow! Then the college will unleash its graduates into the real world. Muahahaha...

I rented the movie "Twilight" from the college's library - watched it over the weekend. Great...now I'll have to end up buying the books. I'm a fan now, I believe. ;)

I'm going to make time for more Japanese study time this weekend. I don't know, with the projects I have to work on for classes, if I'll time to successfully study on the weeknights. Grrr...

Now for some photos!

Some homemade Takeshi-bread

Another small loaf

A tossed concept for prints in Monotype class - 6"x6" in size

Inner and outer spread of brochure for Lancaster City Contacts

More project pictures as they come! :) Enjoy your week everyone!

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