07 November 2009


"I want it to snow!" That's what I think about often these days. It's been so cold outside - so I believe that if it's going to be so freezing, then we should have something pretty to look at! But I don't say that over and over again out loud because Takeshi said to me once, "Well, I don't want it to snow because I bike to work everyday..." Oops.

Recently I've learned a group of kanji (from 'My Japanese Coach') which have to do with nature. I'm practicing these kanji this time around:

竹 - bamboo

森 - grove

田 - rice paddy

雨 - rain

山 - mountain

川 - river

I already knew the kanji for mountain, since it's simpler - and the kanji for river which I should be able to do since it's part of my last name now! ;)

I've been making more types of cookies lately. Usually we go through some heavy-cooking phases in this household! Haha. This time I ended making flaxseed cookies, since I bought a package of flaxseeds a while ago, and they've been sitting around. These cookies are very delicious, and have that crunchiness to them - because the recipe calls for a LOT of flaxseed! About 2 and 1/4 cups. This recipe yielded a huge amount, so I also have 2 more "logs" of the dough in the freezer for later. Anyone who wants the recipe, let me know!

For Photography class, we've been getting homework assignments which call for us to take about 80-100 shots! This time around I decided to take close-up shots (not "macro-shots" - thank you Dad) of the different tea leaves I have. The best thing I've learned from this basic photography class so far, is the process you can use in Adobe Photoshop to eliminate unwanted color-schemes in your photos, pumping up the contrast, and really making a photo look 200x better. Anyway, I've been drinking up all of this older tea I've had for AGES, so I can buy other tea finally. I try to get Takeshi to help me with it, but I know he's more likely to think of his beloved coffee first! Here are some shots:

rosemary tea leaves

pu-erh tea leaves

chamomile tea leaves


Lulu said...

Those photos are great. I am a very beginner photoshop user and have been trying to teach myself through online tutorials but honestly I am not getting very far. I have a book as well but I am so lazy. I really should get back into it!

You want it to snow? Really? I am hoping the snow holds off for awhile here- I do hope we get some snow though this winter. I don`t think they got any in Chiba/Tokyo last winter but the winter before that was intense with heavy snow at least 4 or 5 times which is a lot for this area.

Good luck with the kanji study! Not sure if I have mentioned it before but there is a great site called readthekanji.com which is good!

Lulu said...

Oh and you are lucky the kanji in your surname is kind of simple- wish I had a kawa in my name!

Mine is written 丸嶋

Meaning 丸 (kind of simple- it means round) and 嶋 which has the same sound as the word island and everyone assumes that will be the kanji but actually the kanji is made from mountain and bird together which is quite rare- I am always off trying to write it because getting the balance is hard. Both kanji parts in the second kanji are easy enough but when put together are really quite difficult- Shun is always telling me that I "write it wrong"...hehe

Joshua Zimmerman said...

Those cookies look wonderful! They're making me feel hungry at work!