20 November 2009

Over the Hump


Next week we only come in on Monday and then we break for Thanksgiving. Thank goodness it's almost here. The professor has to shorten the class on that day as well (to attend a board meeting), to about an hour instead of the usual 3 hours, so that's even better news. ;)

This past weekend, Takeshi took me by a small Vietnamese/Asian store I had found online a while ago. He had already been there, but I was itching to see what was there myself. We rode our bikes there, and it was totally in an area of the city I had not been in. Go figure, since I don't get out much!

This place was bigger than the teeny-tiny Korean-mart we usually go to, but mind you, it's no where as big as a regular grocery store. But still, I was excited to browse through everything there! And lo and behold I found something to be excited about - they have natto there! I almost did a little dance in the freezer aisle when Takeshi noticed the familiar Japanese packaging. Soooo I bought a pack, and have it sitting in the freezer because I want to make it last. There's no way I'm biking all the way there and back all the time, just to pick up natto for $2.50. So, it cheered me up, knowing there's some kind of foodstuffs I can find here, that remind me of home. :) しあわせ。。。They did have a good number of Japanese snacks (as all Asian marts do), but I'm not as interested in stocking up on Pocky than I am on good wholesome Japanese cookin'! I'd trade that for some yakisoba, or onigiri any day.

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