01 November 2009


The title should be "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". Favorite song of mine, redone by Diana Krall. Look it up sometime, if you like jazz. I'm listening to it right now, while drinking some hot tea. Takeshi's on the floor checking his Mixi account.

Another busy start to the week, but not in a "homework-overload" sort of way. Went to a nearby printing company outside of town, called "Intelligencer Printing Company", for a printing-101 walkthrough tour of the factory-like interior. After I got back from that trip, Takeshi and I jumped a bus to the mall. Bought some kitchen utensils. We're still without a whisk, of all things. Evidently we can go without one right now, since we feel like asking $8-12 dollars for one is a little stupid. Ah well.

Thanksgiving break is growing closer - about 3 weeks from now! My college gets 6 days off.

Every store has begun (or already finished) their personal transformations to have a Christmas theme. Personally I don't usually get into the "holiday-spirit" until December, which I think is very reasonable. When people start mentioning Christmas in October (I've witnessed it), I think that's just crazy...

Been sketching in my sketchbook a little more these days, probably because I want to get away from the digital-art-creation scene for a bit in my spare time. In a strange way, I find that sketching out something totally random, by hand, is very calming at times for me. It's a more personal creation, than even drawing it on my laptop. When I have my holiday breaks, I want to do a lot more sketching and perhaps painting as well. Got to go buy some paints first. Haha!

Man, the weekend went fast. On to another week, and before I know it, it'll be Friday night again! Everyone have a good week!

My jack-o-lantern this year! リラックマ

This may turn into something more! It's a random doodle.

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