12 November 2009

Holiday Break Now, Please

A project due on Tuesday for our Senior Design class is threatening to make everyone in the class to have a mental breakdown. It's a lot to get done over the weekend; it's comprised of designing about 4-5 pieces of printed material for the client, mounting them as a 2D presentation, and then printing most of them out again, to create 3D forms (brochures, postcards, etc.) so that the client can handle them and look at them. And then for some of us (me included), have another Indian art history exam to study for, which is being administered on the same day as the other project. Well, it's crunch time for most classes, and they're pumping us up with more projects, because we'll have Thanksgiving break soon.

I sent my FIL an email a few weeks ago, just say hi and make small talk. I addressed it to the whole family really. He answered back a few days ago, and added,

"わたしは、すっかりえいごをわすれてしまいました。にほんごのMAILで ごめんなさい。"
(I totally have forgotten English. Sorry for this mail in Japanese.)

Well...I'm not really surprised that he's forgotten the little bit of English he knew, since he has no use for it at all! I am a little sad to hear it though - just means that I will definitely need my Japanese-speaking skills to be able to communicate with him (never mind the rest of the family) when we see them again.

Somedays it's really really hard to not just GO and buy lunch during class days. It's not that we don't have money to do it - we're trying to save as much as we can every month. But since I know that Takeshi doesn't buy "miscellaneous food items" or takeout right now, I would feel guilty if I went and bought a sandwich for lunch or something...

Sitting in the same room with people who are eating pizza or Chinese food is torture somedays. Haha. :) My cooking is not terrible, but their food always smells so much better!

Another gloomy day. Bleh.

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