26 April 2010

Almost almost!

We finally are car owners again! We can go out into the world outside of the Lancaster! Hehe. Such a great feeling. After all this time of not being able to be independent in that way - it's almost a euphoric feeling to know that we can drive ourselves somewhere - anywhere!

Tomorrow is the last day of classes! Yaaaaaaay! :D Good god, where did the time go? Senior thesis wrap-up time is for tomorrow during class, but I'll be trying to get as much of it done as I can. I'm only in the mood, at this point, to mostly just come in, and turn it in, and leave (hopefully).

We still need to figure a lot of stuff out after school ends. For one, I'll be interning 4 days a week at 2 places starting on the 30th. And then in the meantime, we will be figuring out jobs, and an apartment in the D.C. Metro area. Exciting stuff.

Will have time to write longer posts after classes and graduation!

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