16 April 2010

Head Coming Back Together Again

OK well -

Fortunately, I've finally found an internship. Went for an interview today and I know I'm starting on the 30th. At this point I'm not totally whether or not they may be able to give me a full 32 hours a week consistently, but I know I'm working there at least 3 days a week, which may be about 24 hours a week. And at least I'm finally able to start hacking away at my required 200 hours any way! Banzaiiii. :)

I've been living in silence in the apartment since Takeshi left for Chicago! Lol. I definitely wasn't able to throw any huge blow-out parties while the hub was gone. Har har. I have such a non-social life right now. Such is the life of a college student (who works less than she parties).

Speaking of which, I won't be a college student for very much longer!!!! Our last of classes is on the 27th, Senior Gallery Show is on the 1st of May, and Graduation day is on the 8th! It'll be here before we know it.

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