06 April 2010

Photo Tuesday

My 'pregnant onion' plants are huge now!

Takeshi's rosemary

My new peppermint plant!

Takeshi's new 'bloody dock' plant. still never heard of it or seen it before!


Lulu said...

Some great photos especially of the herbs!

Did you buy them alredy semi-grown? I want to do herb/veggie patch on the balcony but keep putting it off. I wonder if now is the time?

ローラ said...

Yeah they were already that size, that you see, when we bought them!

We tried a while ago to grow a lot of different herbs from seeds, but it's sooo difficult! Especially when we tried growing them inside - I'm sure plants always have a better chance when you have a garden outside!

Renee said...

Hi there :)

I have something for you on my blog....hop on over for a look!!


Not sure if you "do" blog awards, but I had to include you on a list of blogs that inspire me :)