15 April 2010

Head Explodes

I never thought it would be this hard to find an internship. I hate this puny town. A lot of businesses here have the same kind of 'dickishness' which is not getting back to me at all, to tell me whether I had gotten it or not. So I haven't gotten it? Fine. Just let me know!

I went for another interview a few days ago - come to find out it's pretty much between me and another girl in my class! I don't really like for competition to be that close - as in having to look it in the face every day! Long story short, I felt kind of good about it, but it ended up going to her.

I have another interview tomorrow and another on Monday. I'm waiting to hear back another place as well. Either the end of this week or the end of next week, I'll receive an email, they said. I think I'm competing with about 2-3 other people for that job too. If ALL of these don't end in internship for me, then I have to start looking all over again. Which will not be good. It doesn't help that we don't have a car (yet). I can't search for places that are too far away from the city, or it's going to take hours to get to a possible internship and back everyday. Hopefully I won't have to look at those faraway places, but it's a possibility.

It's hard to keep my moral up. I've already been turned down by 6 businesses - which, out of a small-ass town in PA, is a HUGE percentage.

A lot is riding on me getting an internship and finishing my 200 hours in a timely fashion. If I fail to do that, then our schedule for moving back to the D.C. area is very well fucked. I don't want to screw this up.


Takeshi has been away in Chicago since Tuesday. Pretty quiet around the house. I usually am clamoring to get home after classes, but now it's just so....quiet there! And I know that he's not eventually coming home at the end of the night, so, it takes some of the excitement of going home, away. I'll be glad when next Monday comes around, and he's back!

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