07 June 2010

The drumbeat

The steady drumbeat continues, as we are already a week into June! Hard to believe that in a few weeks we will (hopefully) be in another state, a new apartment, and new surroundings. Worst case scenario is that we can't find an apartment in time, or that someone will let us rent but we need to wait to move in - if that's the case then all of our crap goes into storage and we camp out at a local hostal in the D.C. metro area until then.

I've been sending off bunches of inquiry emails with resume attached to place after place, but no word back yet. Ugh.

Takeshi is pretty much guaranteed a job at 2 restaurants so far, and is planning to perhaps do another stage (day-of-work-without-pay) at another place in Alexandria as well.

This past weekend was good. Saturday night was humid and god-aweful. Tossed and turned and sweated my buns off until I finally fell asleep at 2:30am. Mr. Sleeps-like-Log next to me had no problems of course.

We went grocery shopping and then to the liquer store. Bought some Disaronno Amaretto for myself. :) And we bought a bottle of vodka to mix with anything else in the house, since we've gotten tired of having to be creative when mixing drinks! I wanted to buy some sake, but I'm fond of serving it in a sake drink set, bottle and cups etc. So I held off. I want to find a real pretty sake set online perhaps.

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