04 January 2011

new year's summary

New Year's night ended up being not as celebratory as I had hoped it have been, like last year. For me New Year's usually starts when Takeshi is able to get home that night from work finally. And it's usually always, always after midnight anyway, so I'm used to that at least. But this time, he finally got home (after we went to pick him up, and drive home again) at around 3:30am. Ho' boy. My friend Todd came over as planned and we goofed around with his new shiny iPad. We had gone and bought some snacks and a four pack of Guinness for Takeshi (his favorite). Todd brought a whole bar with him in several large bags, so we really didn't need to buy anything for drinks except things like juice, soda, etc,. to mix with.

So yeah, by the time Takeshi got home we were all feeling a bit sleepy. Takeshi tried to stay up for a bit with us but soon went to bed. Todd and I stayed up for a little bit, until about 5am watching half of a rerun of Star Trek and then watching a weird infomercial about some exercise plan that makes you look like the incredible hulk afterwards. Doing rapid-fire chin-ups on some sort of contraption attached to your doorframe, stuff like that.

Todd had to leave for work the next morning (aww c'mon it's New Year's day for christ-sake). I finally woke up at about noon to have some breakfast with him, while Takeshi was still asleep. He never woke up to see Todd off, but I figured I'd let the poor guy catch up on some sleep for a change! So yeah, not the party I thought we'd have, but I mostly knew the game was up, when it was already 2am and we hadn't heard from Takeshi yet. Ugh. Oh well there's always next New Year's. :)

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