28 April 2012

cloudy saturday

Not too much has happened since my last day of work in Chantilly, in the way of interviews and such. I did have one interview this past Thursday at a growing health insurance company in Maryland. They told me that the interview process had just started, so I won't hear anything back until the end of this next week. And there's going to be a second round of interviews as well. So, we'll see were that goes, if anywhere.

We've been waiting for the weather to get warmer finally, but, there have been days lately where it's still so damned chilly! Sometimes in the past, you only have spring for a little while and the rest of the time it's humid, hot summer, until fall.

This coming Monday would have been hub's usual day off, but this time around, the chef-boss has an event going on in D.C. that he's essentially dragging all of the kitchen-staff too. Something to do with cooking/catering for politicians, Hillary Clinton, and the Japanese prime minister! Cool. :) He will get paid for it, but he'll probably be getting back really, really late, and I wish we didn't have our usual day off taken away this week.

Lately, hub's been going to a local state park to try to forage for things in the woods. Seems that he's been reading up on some online forums, and maybe guys at work, telling tales of their successes. We've gone a few times together on his days off, but haven't found anything! Haha. I think he need to go to another state park. But maybe we're just not doing it right!

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