10 August 2009



We're back at the Prince St. Cafe right now, checking up on things online, and soothing our wifi addiction, for the time being. :)

We're pretty much settled into our new apartment. All of the necessary big furniture is there; bed, sofa, table, desk, smaller appliances, etc.

We just tried to stop by the Bank of America around the corner, to ask someone about getting our checks mailed to us finally, since it shouldn't be taking this long to order them. This one young woman who works there, who aided us in creating an account and all, gets on my nerves a little, every time we go there. Like everyone here (in the U.S.) she had a problem pronouncing Takeshi's name right. Up here in Pennsylvania so far, it seems Takeshi is always pronounced, "Tah-kee-shee". So, she actually one time just proclaimed that from now on, since she couldn't get his name right, she would start calling him "Juan". She said it would be his nickname from now on. What??? I'm more than a little annoyed that she totally gave up on being professional and working on getting a customer's name right, and just decided to give him a Latino nickname. Give me a break.


Recently I went to the local Social Security office to have my social security card changed to my married name. They said it should be mailed to me within 4 weeks. Then finally I can start using my married name on everything. I'm tired of saying to people, "Yes, we're married, I just haven't gotten my last name changed yet, blah blah."

I have officially gained weight since we started the process of moving to the U.S. this past month and a half-ish. I was expecting to not have as much time (and at some point no time) to exercise. Since we landed in the U.S. we've been too worried with finding an apartment, and finding a foundation for everything else. Before we left Japan I weighed about 64.6 kgs. Now I weigh 66 kgs. UGH. Well, since we've been able to buy our own food and make our own meals again, I plan to work off that weight, yet again. :(

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