16 August 2009


As much as I try, I can never get ready in the morning fast enough. At least that’s why my honeybunny (said sarcastically) says. Well, how am I supposed to compare with someone like him? He who can get up, take a shower, not eat any breakfast (hardly ever), have his smooth, straight Japanese hair be totally dry in about 5-7 minutes, groom himself, and get his shit together – all in about 10-15 minutes.

I am a very different morning person. Him and I will never, ever be the same, when it comes to how we like to wake up. But I CAN hustle in the morning if it’s for work or school – don’t get me wrong. But it’s Sunday today, for pete’s sake! I wake up slower than he does – I don’t bounce out of bed in the morning. And I usually never used to like taking showers in the morning (spraying water onto a still half-asleep Laura, makes for a slightly grumpy person) – but, recently I have been doing it more often. I feel proud of myself, in a weird way.

But the other things that slowed me down this morning were, actually eating breakfast, and taking a shower – which means I have to frantically try to dry my thick, poofy gaijin hair within 30 minutes, and then (idealistically) singe it into straightness with a flat-iron. This stuff takes time. But the hub probably doesn’t see it from my point of view. I can tell.

Because instead, I get the meaningful looks and glances all the while, as if to say “Are you done yet?” And the very small sighs of boredom and restlessness, as I run around trying to not have him wait on me any longer. Jeez. He was being extra restless because the he wanted to go to the café down the street, for internet purposes, and it closes at 3pm today. Fine, I get it. You want to make it there before it closes. But I’m not gonna’ take 3 hours to get ready. And I think he was a little annoyed that I ended up making eggs this morning without cooking him anything. Bt he usually doesn’t even BOTHER with breakfasts – so what am I supposed to think?

TK: (watches me eat eggs, disgruntled)
Me: You want some?
TK: Did you make any for me?
Me: No…you don’t eat breakfasts usually…right?
TK: ….
Me: You want half? (thinking I’m being nice)
TK: No that’s ok. I know that if you only had half of that to eat, it wouldn’t be enough for you.
Me: (thinking) Oh, so I’m a glutton or something?

A few minutes later:

TK: SIGHING…. (fiddling with a pillow)
Me: I’m going as fast as I can!
TK: Well, I want to get to the café before it close!
Me: I know, I know. It’s only 11:20am though!
TK: Well, you still have to wash the dishes and do your hair, and stuff. You probably won’t be ready until, like, noon or 1pm or something.
Me: I already DID the dishes! (defensive)
TK: Ok! Whatever.
(I’m flat-ironing my hair.)
Me: Y’know what? Just go, then. Don’t wait for me. Jeez.
TK: Ok, fine. (leaves for café in a huff)

And I ended up finishing my hair a minutes after he leaves. And I thought, maybe I’ll run out quickly and meet up with him as he’s walking to the café. I did want internet too, after all. But, I decided not to. Screw that. We need alone time. If he’s going to be so vexed by me right now, then I’m happy to let him go off on his own for a while. I let him go without me also because I really didn’t want him to miss out on internet time. That would make him even more pissy for the rest of the day (I guess I would be ticked too). So I sacrificed my internet time today, to let him go off and have his time with his laptop. Bleh. Mornings…


Well, damn…

30 minutes after he left for the café, he calls me and asks me if I’m coming. I said, “Oh well, I was going to come, but I decided against it.”

So then when he got home, he was (presumably) pissed off even more, that I had not called him, when I had decided to not come after all.

Thus, started the silent treatment. Pissy, seething, Takeshi silence. Great. The familiar dance begins.

At this time, he left again with a great huff and a door slam, to go…somewhere, anywhere. I’m pretty sure he took his phone, but no use calling him too soon…Hopefully he’ll call me after a while. A long while, I’m guessing.

I apologized for not calling him, but…yeah, like that’s going to help.

Usually how this goes is – he vents for hours, perhaps all day. In short, I just have to wait until he cools down. Let’s hope he calms himself down within 3-5 hours, so we can at least have a civil, pleasant dinnertime.

(face to palm motion)

It’s just one of those days.


He finally cooled down. It’s 2:36pm. Only about 4 hours. Not too bad.

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