31 August 2009

The Beginning of the End

Not in a bad way though! My last year college starts soon. Tomorrow is the mandatory orientation for all upperclassmen. The arrival time is a disgusting 8:30am, which means I'll have to wake up at around 7am. But it'll get me ready for waking up early anyway for all of my classes, so, bleh.

It says you have to bring your student ID card with you tomorrow, and I hope I don't get any weird looks when I present my "Fall 07'" ID card to them. "I've been away for a year..." Etc, etc.

It lasts until 2:30pm, and they break sometime in the middle for a go-find-some-lunch break. My future class schedule has me going to classes every day of the week - it just depends on how long I'll be at classes on that particular day. Monday and Friday are the days where I'll only be there (for 1 class) from about 10am until 1pm. Thursdays are my latest days at classes, from 10am until about 6:45pm. The rest of the days are until 5pm. I would have liked to have one weekday where I'd have no classes, but I'll play the cards as they're dealt to me!

On another note, Takeshi told me today that he read that Prime Minister Aso will be leaving his position - and that his former debate opponent, Yukio Hatoyama, will be stepping up as Japan's new prime minister! Very interesting news. We'll see how he does in the coming months. As I heard from Takeshi, Aso was beginning to piss people off, since he wasn't really doing anything as prime minister, other than just getting a hefty paycheck, and being in the spotlight. So I hear.

Autumn feels like it's finally arriving! We were a little giddy the other day, to feel a crispness in the late afternoon air. I love Autumn and definitely want a change from the hotter weather. The weather forecast has the rest of this week at nothing above 79℉(22℃)! And no more rain! Thank YOU.


Lulu said...

Good luck with orientation and returning to school- if you only have to get up at 7am to be there by 8:30am that is not too bad- you must be pretty close to the campus. How do you get there? drive, bus? I used to drive to uni in Australia because it wasn`t inner city (therefore not on a train line)...

I finally thought Autumn was coming yesterday here but it was just the typhoon that made things cooler as it is back to hot weather today- I am thinking we will definitely get some relief soon though.

I know nothing about politics- I knew Aso would be out after the election results came in but it will be interesting to see what happens because the new democratic party want to move away from ties with US and build the ties with other Asian nations...something that has not been a focus in more than 50 years.

Hope all is well with you!

ローラ said...

Thanks for the luck! がんばります!

Actually, I'll be walking to classes everyday! And, my college is different, because it's only comprised of a single, multi-leveled building, so there's no campus to speak of! But yes, we live in the downtown area, only about 3-ish blocks away from the college. So it'll only take me (at my short-legged pace) about 15 minutes to get there every morning.

I read on your blog about the typhoon! That would make me really nervous. きをつけて!

I need to make it a habit to check up on Japanese news online more! I was there to see Aso and Hatoyama debating on TV anyway, and even though I'm not into politics at all, it's still interesting to see what's up in Japan overall!

Stay safe and happy! :)