14 August 2009

Hand-held Review

A few days ago I decided to trade in some of my Nintendo DS games, and in turn bought a new one, "My Japanese Coach". It is really nifty! This certain company has a bunch of these games out such as "My Spanish Coach", "My Weight Loss Coach", and so on. I didn't know if I would regret getting it, but I am so glad I have it now! It goes so much more in-depth with learning Japanese than I thought it would. I was figuring it would be fairly basic stuff, but I learned it goes so far as to start teaching you how to read and write kanji! Wow. I can't wait (said half sarcastically and half genuinely!).

It will be a good review tool to use until all of my Japanese textbooks arrive with the rest our things, later on. And it didn't cost me anything to get it. Yay! In the beginning, it gives you a small placement test, to figure out which lesson it should start you on. I did pretty well, but I forgot some days of the week! Argh! So I started out on that lesson, but since then I have blown past a lot of lessons that I already know (hiragana lessons, katakana lessons, greetings, etc.)

Takeshi thought it would be very funny to try out the placement test himself. Silly man. Of course he got 50/50 questions right. He was very amused with himself. Hehe.

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