11 October 2009


I don't know why I've never thought of doing it before now, but Takeshi mentioned this Japanese grocery store "Mitsuwa" that has online shopping! I've been peeking around the site (and other sites as well) and looking for all of my beloved food items. The thought of being able to eat natto, kimchi, mochi, and konnyaku again makes me SO excited!

I totally flipped out when I saw that Mitsuwa sold natto in their online store! I didn't they would, for some reason. Maybe because it's so stinky? Well it's already fermented, so I guess there's less of a chance of it going bad. Haha. :)

Another bit of good news - Takeshi told me last night that his restaurant is going back to the schedule of giving their employees 2 days off a week instead of 1. So, for right now (since they do still change days off every month or so) he has Sundays and Mondays off. I'm happy that he's got another day off to do things he wants to do! ばんざい!

Today we went did our laundry together at the laundromat, and then we just got back about 10 minutes ago from the Korean/Asian grocery store in town. I picked out some red curry, kimchi (we'll see if it tastes different than the kimchi you'd get in Japan...probably), and frozen pork buns. Takeshi picked out some basic curry powder, some desert gelatin, and 2 packs of red beans. He's soaking them right now, so hopefully we'll be able to make some homemade azuki! I always ask the lady up front in the store, if they have any mochi - she says she carries it, but she always says "we're out of it right now." But I have a feeling that if it is indeed Korean mochi, it will be different than Japanese mochi.

This month, upperclassmen go to speak to the Dean of Students about Spring 10' class registration. That shall be interesting, picking and choosing elective classes. Hmmmmm.

The aloe plant I received from my best friend Todd, has gotten so big from what it was when I got it! I hope in the future, to have a huge aloe plant in our house, in a big ceramic pot. :) Hehe.

the schoolwork continues...

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