24 October 2009

Coffee in the Morning

いま、わたしはコーヒーをのみます。うまい! <3

This past week of classes went by in a busy blur, more so than my average week.

Yesterday I made a personal goal for myself - I plan to study up and try for the Level 4 exam of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT. It is administered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, and is held within the United States in Atlanta, Chicago, Arkansas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Washington. The closest city to us, at this time would be New York. Level 4 is the easiest leveled-exam to take - I figure that starting there would be smart for me. At this point, since I've taken up learning Japanese for in-law reasons, I feel that I'd be proud of myself if I were to study towards an acknowledgment of that study-time. To be certified even with basic Japanese would be a great thing to have under my belt! It also can't help to put it on my resume as well. ;) The next test date is December 6th, but I'll probably try for next year. With school right now, I definitely cannot spend too much time on Japanese study, so shooting for a later date is better.

The three part to the exam are (1) Writing-Vocabulary (2) Listening and (3) Reading-Grammar. The website states that to pass the Level 4 exam, "The examinee has mastered the basic elements of grammar, knows around 100 kanji and 800 words, has the ability to engage in simple conversation and read and write short, simple sentences. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 150 hours and after completion of the first half of an elementary course." I plan to make flashcards for vocab terms and more importantly kanji. がんばります!

Everyone enjoy your weekend!

Here are some recent photos:

Our printing-monotype classroom.

Prints from our class. Mine is the abstract line conposition - supposed to be the character 'ろ'

Hallway on the 2nd floor

The printing lab, where we create monotype prints. See all the huge printing presses?

Very dirty ink containers

Our instructor, Becky Blosser :)


Lulu said...

Good on you for setting a goal of going for JLPT level 4. If you are waiting til next year to do it though you might even be able to strive for level 3 if your own school schedule is not too full on (but sounds as if it is!)

There are some great textbooks out their designed to help with the actual test and I totally recommend them. Kanzen Master is a good series and also the practice tests from previous years are good (you can buy the books)- I am sure they would be available on amazon.

Also I went to this Japanese language school 3 years ago when I was studying fo level 2 and they had some great resources online here - http://www.mlcjapanese.co.jp/Download.htm - it wasn`t so helpful for me because at the time they didn`t have much level 2 stuff but I remembered it having a lot of level 3 & 4 stuff. So hope it helps.

Oh and I am still reading! Even if I do not comment so much- all the blogs I read come through on my google reader so I am reading!

I am so jealous of your creativity- I am not very creative at all when it comes to anything arty. I can do crafty stuff, but even that I do not do very well.

ローラ said...

Hey thanks for the references for the Level 4, Lulu! I have heard of the Kanzen Master before, so I'll definitely look that up first. :)

I found one website that a guy made after he had the experience of taking and passing the tests all the way up to 2, I think. He's got lists of kanji and vocabulary terms on the website. He's the one that recommended one to make flash cards, and I think that's a great idea.

Thank you for the compliment! I do treasure my creative mind, but I had to trade that (it seems) for crappy math skills! Haha. Thinking in mathematical terms has never been my forte!