17 October 2009

Cold and Wet

Freezing cold rain yesterday, and today, and probably tomorrow the weather forecasts say. I'm getting together with a friendly acquaintance from college tomorrow to perhaps partake of the Lancaster city "Art Fall Walk". This means numerous art galleries and food places will be open and having interesting things going on, but I'm sure the rain will muddle things a bit...

Takeshi and I went to the CVS Pharmacy on West Lemon Street to get our flu shots for the winter. It's the first time either of us had received a flu shot (in a while) from anywhere but a doctor's office. We headed out early, got there when the line was only about 8 people long, and was out in about 30 minutes. Paid $30 each. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Hurrah for the advancement of medicine and technology, and therefore smaller needles. ;)

I received my new social security card in the mail a couple of days ago, which means I can finally, finally take Takeshi's last name officially, on paper. Took long enough! We've been married since last May! Haha... I need to bring in the card to show the college people so that they can change my name in their system - for now, I still have to write my maiden name on all of my assignments! Meh. I'm leading a double life, as two different Lauras. :)

The weekend is here. Exhale...

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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