29 October 2009

Hiya There

Heya everyone - I just wanted to have another check of who still may be reading my blog after all this time - especially since I've made it necessary for the reader to get an invitation to do so. Of course one will never really know how many lurkers they have visiting as well! But also, I'm thinking that most of you ladies in Japan may not read as much anymore, since I am not living in Japan anymore! I know it's not as exciting or different as it used to be. :(

So please just give me a "here" or "aye" to give me a good idea of who reads! ありがとう。


Trisha said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for sometime now. I think I found the link on Sara's blog.

Rachael in Syd said...

Me too, just popping by every now and then!

Renee said...

Me too! I like checking in to see how you guys are going.

selena said...

Hello, de-lurking to say hi!

Uni said...

Yup. Glad it's not locked anymore too!

Oh and Jynky says HI from her rock.