07 March 2010

Laid Back Sunday

Yesterday I decided to do the laundry myself instead of waiting for us to do our usual, dreaded "Laundry Day" today, on Sunday. Even though both of us usually like to go to the laundromat together instead of alone (it's boring either way...), I wanted to give us (but mostly Takeshi) a break from that. Just to have a Sunday, his only day off right now, to actually breath and to not go anywhere unless we want to. But as fate would have it, we live in small-town U.S.A. where there is pretty much nothing to do without having a car, and even THEN, nothing is open on Sundays because people need their church-services. Blah.

I broke another wine glass while I was washing it today. My hands are mostly small enough to get inside those things, but I exerted a little too much force (i.e. not much) to break off a chunk in the sink. Have a small cut on the side of my hand. Itches. :(
GAH these breaking dishes and glasses! Will we ever have good luck, and keep some stuff around for a good while?

Everyone at college thinks that having Monday classes and THEN starting spring break on Tuesday is retarded. I agree. I'm almost in the "break mood" but then remember I have to wake up for class tomorrow. Almost there. And it's only a 3-hour class. Fah. I can do that.

Takeshi will be going to Chicago to do a stage at the Alinea restaurant April 13th thru the 19th. I looked at the hostel he'll be staying at. Looks a lot nicer than the imagery I had in my head when he said "hostel". I just grumble a little at the hours he'll be required to work - about 12-13 hours each day. Roughly from about 11am to midnight. Ugh. How does he do it?...

Fingers crossed for Spring getting it's big, flowery butt finally here, so I can do some spring cleaning!

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