03 March 2010

March Already?


How time flies. The other day we were ringing in the new year, and now it's March. Yikes.

It's hard to believe I'll be graduating in roughly 3 months. We're still researching places to move to after graduation. Still haven't narrowed anything down, which stinks. We've started to factor in "secondary cities" in our list of places. They may be a nicer transition than coming from a small town with a lower cost of living, to the big city where you have to live in shoebox-sized apartment for about the same amount of money.

Spring break is next week starting on Tuesday. I've never had a spring "break" ever, I think. Where I go off to the frickin' beach or something. Probably just working on classwork. I KNOW I'll be trying (in vain) to get through this animation work for my After Effects class. That class is a huge failure. The 2 teachers who lead that class are cool, 30-something guys, but as far as them knowing the basics of teaching a totally new program to us - they totally screwed up. Their way to help us with learning this program was say to, "Look at tutorials online - they can teach you better than anyone ever could."

----So why do we need you guys, then? Why am I PAYING to teach myself the program, essentially??


Sooooo frustrating, this excuse for a class. うざい!


It will be nice when my parents are finally able to come back to the U.S. after doing their tours in other countries. I believe that's about 5-6 years from now. It will be nice to have family to visit. I wish the two of us and Takeshi's family could be closer to each other as well. Just build a teleporter to Suzuka-shi and then we could go whenever we wanted, without having to spend thousands of dollars to fly over! Oh world-of-the-future, where are you? Funny to think that people in the 1980s and/or earlier thought that by the year 2000, we'd all be riding in flying cars and all. Hah! Or, at least have a healthcare system that works for everyone.

I've been missing Japan a lot lately (as I have ever since leaving...) but mostly because - I miss the overall personality of the Japanese people! Here, I have to deal with loud, nosey, rude, and crass Americans. I never ever had anyone in Japan invade people's spaces without good cause, and everyone has more respect for others. Here, people just in CLASS, listen to their f*cking music loudly for everyone to hear and not use their stupid headphones. And the teacher told them to USE the headphones - but then they became inconsistent with their "rule" because not once have they ever told those people to "hey use your headphones please." Ridiculous. Some people should be stopped from ever having children, so they can't carry on their stupid genes.

The only time I ever saw Takeshi's friends or whatnot get rowdy was when they were drunk! Haha. Yeah, so overall, I miss that type of culture greatly. Americans could learn something from Japan - and from other countries as well.

Here is a recent classwork assignment for one of my college classes. We had to create wacky, whatever-you-wanted, business cards!

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