09 March 2010

Pudge-free Mind for About an Hour

Watching Biggest Loser: Couples right now. I try to catch this show as much as I can, because it makes me feel better about my pudge for about an hour, compared to the 300lbs.-ish women on there. I'm a evil person for feeling that way, sure, but they're just gonna' melt off all of that fat by the end of the show anyway. Probably'll look better than me, and have a six-pack too. Damnit!

Spring break has started since yesterday afternoon. I'm making it a goal to get on the Wii Fit every single day during break. That's the thing about college sometimes - takes up my time at home too. Gotta sit in front of my laptop in class for hours and at home for hours. Gahhh. Hopefully when I get into my career, I won't have to bring my job home everyday. That would be very nice. :)

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