24 March 2010

People are Boring

My Folklore class makes me want me to sew my ears shut. The class is centered around discussing folklore or rituals in food, or family oral stories, etc. But it's slowly transformed itself into an hour of sitting here and listening to people's shallow, materialistic, and godawful boring personal stories. God, people are fricking boring. Now I know what George Carlin was talking about. It's not even anything interesting. Listening to a girl talk about how her father and uncles have worked at Giant grocery stores for 30 years. That almost made me guffaw, it was so depressing, and bland. So what if they did? Sentences upon sentences that start with, "Um, well my __________ went here and that place has this, and they do this...."

One girl started blabbing about how she went to Japan, but who knows for how long. It infuriated me so much listening to her grandly "inform" the class about sushi...And I KNOW she's a total anime geek - so that's probably why she went to Japan in the first place. Whereas I have family there, and I never went there because of some cartoons, and oh wouldn't it be totally awesome to get even MORE anime and to go Japan? I usually don't think I'm totally superior to anyone, but I know that I know more about the culture than she does. I lived it - she just vacationed there.

And it's always the same 3-4 people answering, since the teacher doesn't make it a rule to choose people, and go around the room. Having to listen to Pennsylvania Dutch/ PA area blabber is even more unbearable. I have to sit here and listen to how they think other countries and cultures are, just because they spent the summer there. I don't give two shits about sauerkraut and pork, or chicken and waffles, shoofly pies, or Amish food. The teacher the other day said nonchalantly, that organic food is "elitist". Are you kidding me? I have a feeling she might be a republican.

Having this class is making me hate being in this town even more. Why did my college have to be in Pennsyltucky? Where they hate seafood, or anything of another culture anyway...Where they don't season their FOOD - no one does! Everything is so bland here. God forbid they put anything in their food besides lard and butter. And the artisty/vegetarian students in this school think they know it all, just because they eat veggie burgers and spent the summer in Italy. Yes, they're OH so cultured now. And then they return to a state that should be in the south. Bleh. I'm ranting only because I'm in the stupid class right now! Heh. The feeling should fade as soon as she sets us free at 9:45.


Uni said...

You'll have to respect their PA Dutch culture just as you have to respect all other cultures. Lots of people don't understand cultures. This is true. Don't be frustrated by it. I know as I date a PA Dutch man... the way he acts and the things he eat are so different! Who knew 2 1/2 hrs apart could really make such a difference.

PS. There isn't anything wrong with being a Republican lol. ;)

ローラ said...

Sure there are things wrong with being a republican. Just like you think there are things wrong with being a democrat.

Oh politics.