14 June 2010

blog stuff

Hey everyone -

I've noticed that for the people who have followed my site, my profile pic thumbnail has not changed. It's still the previous one i.e. illustration portrait.

Could you guys maybe try to unfollow and then follow me again to see if it changes? It's confusing me! Thankya. :)

And also to anyone who would like to follow me, please feel free to add me! Shameless plug I know. x(

Also -

I've been debating whether or not to change the title of my blog. I love the name, but I've been wondering if it applies to my current status. I created this particular blog because I was living in Japan, thus the name emerald-mountain-tea.

I'd have to give it a LOT of thought as to a new title, since I don't know if I could come up with anything I like as much as this one. Any thoughts?

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