12 June 2010

rich lady winery and enka

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Here are some recent trips and events which happened, but before that, enka -

I finally got an earful of Jero's famous hit-song "海雪" ("Umiyuki"= ocean snow) and I gotta say I like it. Of course he made my eyes bug out when I found out he was African/Japanese-American! It's refreshing to see a African-American artist not rapping about the usual sleazy things! Hah. He's got a good voice too. I'm not a fan yet of enka overall, but Jero definitely turns me on a little, to it. ;)


Anyway, a couple weekends ago, we decided to go and visit a local Lancaster winery which Takeshi had heard some good things about from coworkers. The drive wasn't long, and it took us off of the major roads and onto good ole' country roads - rolling right past (and through) farm houses and silos. Almost felt like you were driving through someone's property, the buildings were hugging the road so much!

We finally reached the winery which turned out to be some family's huge mansion of a house, with a separate "tasting room" building to the side. Nothing but farmland below us (oh yeah - it was on top of a huge hill). It was pretty hot out so we scurried to the door and went inside. Long story short - rich husband decides one day to start his own winery. And that's it. They had oodles of money to it. And I wouldn't be such a hag about it, if it weren't for the slightly-snobby wifey-lady running the tasting room that day. She gave us a quick tour of the rooms where they made the wine. When we got there, there was a middle-aged piggy couple chatting brightly with her at the main counter. Obviously they knew each other. So it was very awkward for Takeshi and I sitting in the corner, quietly have a go at the tasting offering of cheese and wines - while the other four chirped on about the weather, and why the rich-lady had purchased that particular expense marble tiling from Italy, blah blah blah blah. And then she'd come over to us and politely offer us the next wine sample. Which were pretty big, considering I had to drive us home. She'd only fill the glass up about 1.5 inches but we tasted about 5 or 6! All of those added up and I was starting to feel it around the 3rd round. We had the option of, if we didn't finish the glass all of the way, to pour out the remains in this small porcelain basin, before going on to the next wine. And since I was getting fuzzy, I started to pour out the last 10%, consistently. Takeshi had been doing it too.

Rich-lady: (looks at basin after we've both poured out another bit) "Wow I think this is the most wine I've had poured out before! Haha...." (said with a slight bite to her tone)

Me: "Oh I'm sorry! Heh......."

I really wanted to say, that she should stop bitching to someone who may or may not being a bottle from you today (we didn't). And I still had to fuckin' drive home after that - what did she want me well and shit-faced for the winding-country roads? And actually some of them I didn't like at all, so I poured those out anyway. Give me a break! It's not the best wine I've ever had anyway, but the experience of going there soured my impression of the brand in the end.

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