14 June 2010

not a morning person

Sitting here at my small desk at the internship. It's about 20 mins til 10am and this cup of coffee is doing nothing for me. I think I spoiled myself this weekend by being able to sleep in until 10am both days. Man that was nice!

Our apartment is getting stuffier and stuffier and more humid as the weather switches from just heat and sun to humid, rain-forest downpours and back again. That makes for a really gross interior climate! We have the AC unit sitting in the closet, but since we're close enough to moving anyway, I think we'll be toughing it out.

The more I read the blogs from all of the ladies back in Japan, the more I wish we both had more "Japanese exposure" here. Living in an area with a higher population of Japanese, I don't know. Yesterday Takeshi said that while writing a message back to someone in Japanese, he had to look up some kanji. Obviously he won't ever totally forget his first language, so I'm not too concerned about it, but I do wish he had more access to that culture. Nevermind him though - I want some!

I'm the one who is obviously going to start forgetting the Japanese I've learned if I don't use it. I really really want to, in the future, find a way to take some Japanese language classes. I've never learned Japanese through an official course or anything, it was always Takeshi teaching me and then later on, me trying to keep studying on my own.

It also makes me really sad that I guess it's pretty much a fact that we probably won't get to visit Japan again until there's a wedding or (sad to say) a funeral. The only wedding that could be important enough to spend the money and time to fly over would be SIL's wedding. Not that Takeshi doesn't care about his friends getting married. And as far as funerals, I don't even want to think about that!

As much as I want to get over this fact, I still find myself pining away...I can't help it. I love Japan a lot, and I truly do feel a loss of not being able to be there - to experience the culture, the people, and the sights I came to love.

Alright enough self-pity. (for now) ;) I'll whine again another day.

After my internship ends this Tuesday, we'll be focusing on looking for an apartment in the D.C. metro area. Takeshi is, I think, pretty sure with which place he'll be choosing to work at, from the two he's already seen. I think we'll be cutting it a little close, depending on how fast we find an apartment that works for us. We have to be out of this apartment by the 30th. And we need to rent a UHaul moving truck and move all of our stuff out and move all of it into the new place. With just the two of us, which is doable but I'm no burly muscle man for sure - but neither is the hub. ;) But he's stronger than me, by far so I hope I can help as much as I can!

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