24 June 2010

waiting sucks

Well, waiting sucks but what sucks even more is that people can't work fast enough at the apartment place. They really don't know how urgent we are with our schedule, since we have to be out of our apartment here by the 30th. Which is pretty damned close.

Takeshi called them today (again) (but hey can you blame us for being a little nosey about this?) and the lady pretty much had a fit at at over the phone, about how she can't do anything to make the process go faster, blah, blah, steam. So they told us that they cannot guarantee that we'll be able to move in by next Wednesday = the 30th. Great. Uuughhh...

Plan B? Put stuff in storage somewhere in VA close as possible to the apartment community, and find a hostel to crash at.

Meanwhile, ALL of our stuff has been packed up inside of our apartment since yesterday I believe, except for some toiletries and clothes. And the inside of the place is terrible right now, with the outside heat and humidity and no air conditioner. Falling asleep has been tough - the other night I tossed and turned and sweated until I finally fell asleep at about 4am. We broke down the bed already so the mattress is just laid out on the floor. I think we're definitely hoping to finally leave our now boring, uneventful, and swelteringly-hot living conditions for something else!

But now all we can do is wait for the call from the apartment people! Get your sh*t together already! :/

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