19 January 2011

ice, fog, wordpress

Out-of-the-ordinary weather we're having in our area of Virginia recently. Yesterday evening we had a bunch of freezing rain and sleet come down on us, to turn every flat surface into an ice-skating rink. Always fun when walking dogs who are "pullers"! And tonight we had a thick level of fog everywhere in the area. I was driving to pick TK up from work at around 11pm and it felt like I was driving through a dream!

Also, I posted again on Wordpress. Password has changed so comment me below if you'd like to be considered to get it again. :) Just give me an email to send it to.

e*m*t on Wordpress

I miss Suzuka. I miss Japan. I wonder what the in-laws did today?



Judith said...

I hate walking dogs on ice. My mom takes in dogs for people who go on holidays. Over Christmas she can have up to 20 dogs and I sometimes help out walking them. It's just not fun to get pulled along by an Irish Wolfhound or the like. I can totally see where you're coming from.

Oh, please share your password with me!

gaijinwife said...

how come you changed the password? can you share it with me please. gaijinwife@gmail.com

hope everything is all good.

ローラ said...

Oh wow 20 dogs! They probably just make you and your mum part of the herd at that point! :)
Sure I can give it to you, just gimme an email to send it to.

Meh, I just have had the same password for a bit, so I felt like changing. Don't worry I don't plan on changing it every month or whatnot. Lol. I'd have to make a list of them myself.

ag said...

PW Pleeeeeeease.

grooogrux said...

I'm slightly glad I don't have to walk my cats outside. Although if I could let them outside in the morning then maybe they wouldn't walk all over my face trying to wake me up.

And my e-mail address is cryfreedom(at)me(dot)com if you feel obliging in sharing. :)