15 January 2011

matcha mochi

Yum I love mochi (sorry GW! ^_~), and the today I finally got to make a recipe for matcha mochi 'cake'. Link is here. It's a nice thing having mochiko be affordable! I've already made lots of chocolate mochi before this, but the matcha version is yummy too!

the good stuff

very good stuff

Takeshi gets to try it tonight! I'm sure he'll like it. :)

Speaking of things from Japan, Takeshi tells me that this year, my SIL will be coming to visit the States!! I'm so excited I can't wait to see her again. We never got to 'bond' as much as I would have wanted when we lived there. She's the closest thing I'll ever have to a sister, and it's funny that she's the same age as my younger brother as well. Both Takeshi and I are the oldest child in our families, and have 1 younger sibling.

She knows a good amount of English so that was always nice, but so much of her time was taken up by finishing off college and/or working part-time in Nagoya. So needless to say, she wasn't home during most of the day. She'll definitely stay with us, so there's a good chance we'll try to go out and buy an air mattress for her (and any other future guests). TK also told me that his friend/coworker Kato-san might be visiting the States as well. This is also cool news. :) TK will probably ask for days off of work, for both visits, so all of us could go somewhere together.

In some bad news, the 2 washers and 2 dryers in our apartment building have stopped working...Takeshi tried doing laundry on his day off this past week, and ended up wasting a $1.75. Great. Now we've returned to the time when we lived in Lancaster, where we have to go OUT and drive to a laundromat. Such a pain in the ass. And we called the office about getting them fixed, and they said, "Uh that's not what we do here - call the number on the washer." ...... So we called THEM and they said they'd give us a refund (however that's gonna happen), but - they can't tell us at ALL when the machines will be fixed. Seriously?

Gotta' love this American customer-service... God I miss Japan's customer service. Seemed to have a lot more competence. So that's what we'll being doing tomorrow, doing the laundry, down the road.

Hope everyone has (had) a good weekend! Recent photos:

finally bought a jewelry box, instead of keeping my earrings in an old 'Dean & Deluca' tea tin!


finally, finally finished this oil painting - now to wait for it to dry


-phx- said...

Never tried mochi cake before, but i do like mochi so i'll have to try it sometime :)
Also, love how the picture turned out! Never been brave enough to play with oils myself, but i guess i should since people at work always ask me about them, lol (i know enough about them, but can't tell them anything from experience)

gaijinwife said...

you just watch yourself eating that cake yeah? Chew each mouthful a hundred times :)

ローラ said...

Ooh you should try it sometime! Really interesting texture, with the "cakey" and the chewy components. Also, I think you'd have fun with oils! Even though they take forever to dry. >__>;;

はい、かあさん。(^3^) Hehe. Just kidding! Actually my GIL may have said that to me before as well! Probably. And like I was telling -phx- this stuff is half cake half mochi, so it's not as chewy as regular mochi. But we DO have little individually wrapped mochi in the cupboard. :) Heh.