04 January 2011

interview, chinatown, kushi

Good evening. I'm in my PJs on my laptop. Comfy. :) Takeshi's at his laptop on the couch.

Today I travelled yet again into D.C. for an interview for a Graphic Design position. Takeshi dropped me off at the Huntington station, which is the closest to us in the area, because it was his day off today as well. I didn't want to hog the car! He went off and visited some places he fancies including some herb/spice shop in Falls Church. I rode the metro without too much hassle and arrived at my destination waaaay too early. I walked up and out of the Stadium Armory station at around 1:18pm but my interview was at 2pm, and it was only about an 11 minute walk to the office from that location. Shit. I lingered around in the nippy-cold for a short time at the station's entrance, but decided against staying in one place for a while. The office I interviewed at is in northeast D.C. which is not an area I already have stereotyped, but after seeing the area, I have to say it was pretty...shady. Half-residential area with the typical rundown row houses smashed together with the black rod-iron fences in the front.

The interview itself went well. Prettily-dressed Laura wasn't the only person there for an interview though! Argh. I know other people (who knows how many) are going to be competing with me, but it's another thing to sit with them in the same room with your portfolio, waiting to be called upstairs. The lady interviewer was very nice and laid back. It seems the position went from sounding like just a basic "Junior Graphic Designer" position listing online - to actually being "the only Graphic Designer at this company" position.

As in - you are THE Graphic Designer. Everything design comes to and through you. Hah.

Oh well - I actually still am very interested in working there. But, like all interviews I'm lucky to have these days, I'm trying to not all moon-faced about it. They may choose me, they may not. I move on in the meantime.

After the interview process ended I headed back towards VA on the metro. When I jumped back in the car, Takeshi suggested we check out a place in D.C. we've been interested in, called Kushi. Some Japanese small dish/sushi restaurant. Close by Chinatown. So we ended up deciding to ride the metro again, to save us from evil D.C. rush hour traffic, and sparse parking. I was in my interview outfit which included shoes that aren't meant for walking long distances. They chafe awful...maybe time for some better dress shoes! Once we walked out of the Chinatown station....

Me: Hey, guess what nationality you are now?
Me: *snigger*

I'm a mean person. It's true though! People just assume he is if he's in a particular area. The other day we were in a international grocery store in an area of Virginia that has a large Korean population. We were in the checkout line and the jiji bagger dude smiled and said something to Takeshi in Korean (probably something like, Thanks, have a good day). Takeshi just stared at him and walked off. I couldn't help but laugh as we walked out...poor Takeshi.

Anyway, we went to the restaurant and had a very yummy meal, and then went to the Starbucks afterwards to get Takeshi's coffee-fix, before getting on the train back home. Some photos from today!

me on the train back to VA after my interview

heading to Kushi in D.C.

Takeshi at the table looking at cooks behind the counter

some interior shots of the place

yummy food :) click for a larger view!

interesting sculpture on the way back

shot from the Starbucks across the intersection from the Chinatown station

Takeshi! with coffee!

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illahee said...

good luck on the job!

love the pictures, looks like a fun day, actually.